The secret behind my weight loss- Yours Truly!

Hello, My name is Amruta Kamble, and I have decided to pen down my story of weight loss so that it can inspire other people. Many people go into depression as excess weight not only takes a toll on the body but also has an adverse effect on the mind. I am a non-vegetarian and love to have delicious non-veg food all the times. I noticed that I had started gaining weight as I was not into any workout and I had fat building up on my body. I have had digestive issues as the non-veg  food led to acidity, and it made me uncomfortable. I also used to have heavy Indian snacks, pav bhaji, etc. for dinner.

I have a family history of high blood pressure, Kidney stones, Hypo or HyperThyroidism. So along with my increasing weight, I was prone to these diseases as well.  Before my weight could increase further, I decided to tackle this health issue. I contacted Yours Truly, and they did a test – Body Fat composition analysis. With this check-up, I came to know the exact problem areas I had to work on. Dietician Khushboo gave me weekly diets, and they were an interesting menu, so I was glad to follow the diet without fail.

From 63 kgs my weight dropped to 55 kgs. I was happy, and I knew I could lose more if I followed what the dietician and the fitness coach told me. Before the workout was suggested, I told the coach that I had suffered a left knee ligament tear, so the exercise was tweaked according to health concern as well. I also loved the smoothies these people suggested me. They have a good flavour and are very tasty. These smoothies also aided me in my weight loss. Moreover, my skin also got better with them, and my hair too was looking good like never before. Every week, Khushboo changed the diet, and I was more than happy with it. People said to me ’Amrita you are looking more fit these days, what’s the secret?’.  I would laugh and say there’s no secret. The credit goes to Yours Truly.

For the weight loss,I tracked all my weight loss activity with the Yours Truly App which is quite a helpful app to know about your lifestyle.

Slowly, I started losing weight, and I am feeling much better now. I have started feeling more confident now, and I love myself. Thank you Yours Truly- You have been an excellent partner in my weight loss journey!